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This past Sunday morning I sat in front of my computer, reviewing Week 4’s match-ups in my fantasy football league. As my lineup popped up, my eyes uncontrollably fluttered as I noticed two of my starting receivers were injured and my top running back had a bye. As a result of my busy work schedule this week, I had neglected my fantasy football duties.

Immediately I flipped into damage-control mode and quickly reviewed the waiver wire for any replacements. There were some decent players but it turned out my roster had no room. My second-stringers—the players I should have started—were all playing in the early games and thus I couldn’t drop them. Not wanting to drop all my starters for only this week, I sighed and chalked up this week’s match-up as a loss.

Not letting my fantasy football loss ruin my day, I, along with my friend Steve, watched the 4pm and 8pm NFL games. A ravenous Denver Broncos fan, Steve came to my house dressed in an old John Elway jersey, to see his team compete against the Indianapolis Colts, an old playoffs rival. Like me, Steve was also conflicted about his fantasy team; ironically the draft at the start of the league gave him Peyton Manning, the Super-Bowl-winning Colts quarterback. So does Steve remain loyal to the Broncos or root for Peyton Manning, his team’s nemesis, to score points?

It turns out that Indianapolis does triumph, winning 38 to 20. Manning’s stats are enough, but does Steve get the win? Sadly, no. So I guess he was better off rooting for Denver.

What’s also far more interesting (to me, anyway) is that I actually did squeeze out a win, despite losing three of my starters. My fantasy quarterback Brett Favre had a brilliant day and the traditional scorers that my opponent had (ahem, Shaun Alexander) didn’t carry them over the top.

I guess my point is that you should never be certain about your losses. Things may turn out all right after all, or at the very least, another door will open.
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