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After several months of temping and grinding out the workweeks in your typical office slob job, a school district has finally hired me as their newest teacher of social studies! I can hardly contain my excitement as the prospects of teaching the movers and shakers of tomorrow spring to life! It’s going to be fun.

And a little scary too.  Although I gained a lot of independence during my student teaching, it’s a little frightening that I’ll be commanding my own classroom, with my own rules and expectations, and my own students. I’ll be the final decision-maker in those four walls with 30+ desks; there will be no one to veto my decisions, no one else I could defer important decisions until he made the final call. I’ll be on my own. As you can tell, I’m a bit nervous.

I do take solace, however, in the vast number of teachers who start the day and do survive to see the end of it. Then they get up again and do it all over again. It’s a bit reassuring that this major endeavor I’m embarking on is about to occur.

Today I started organizing some of my old plans. I will be teaching US History II–which starts from approximately the Gilded Age to the present day–and since I have taught that before I have some ideas. I will also be teaching World Cultures to freshman, both of which I’m new at it.

But I guess the administrators in the school saw something in me. However, this isn’t a tenure-track position; the customary teacher will be on maternity-leave. Still I’m happy to have the opportunity and hopefully I’ll pick up some teaching tricks along the way.


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