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Nathaniel Philbrick’s account of the first fifty-five years of European settlement in the New England area is both intellectually fascinating and enlightening. You can’t help but feel for the hardships the first-generation Pilgrims faced as they established relations with the Massasoit and the Pokanoket. It makes any of our challenges in today’s world seem infinitesimal compared to their hardships.

The second-generation Pilgrims didn’t live nearly as harmonious as their forefathers, which caused an all-out war between the English settlers and Philip, the successor to Massasoit’s Pokanoket. Known as “King Philip’s War,” Philbrick brilliantly chronicles the plight of Philip as he valiantly tries to establish a Pan-Indian movement with neighboring tribes against the English.

In the end, Philip and the Pokanoket lose. Philbrick asserts that the Pan-Indian alliance lost not because of a lack of military tactics or ingenuity, but because a seemingly endless source of resourses the colonists received from the English. Had Philip been able to secure an alliance with the French, Philip might have been victorious and English domination of the territory might have not come into play, at least during the latter end of the 17th century.
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How To Live The Good Life

I’ve started this blog with one purpose: to track my search for the “Good Life.” What exactly that is, I’m still not sure. What I’ve discovered so far is what is definitely not the Good Life. Those are:

  • Impressing others
  • Earning a whole lot of money
  • Possessing a vast assortment of things

While there may be a correlation between happy people and these bullet points, solely seeking these out does not lead to greater happiness and thus, the Good Life. You may be happy, wealthy, and have earned the respect of your peers, but these are by-products of your other endeavors. In other words, happiness I hypothesize comes from contentment and inner peace, not from owning too many toys. Like a “No Fear” T-shirt I witnessed many years ago (at least I think it was “No Fear”), “He who dies with the most toys…still dies.”

So, please, join me in reading my blog as I pursue the “Good Life.” Feel free to comment if you want. Peace be with you.
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